In the spring time, black ants often invade homes and commercial premises. This is to find food before its warm enough to move around outside.

Ant problems can be dealt with using gel baits or spray treatments, or a combination of both. Treatment often gives respite until the ants move outside to forage.

Ants have a habit of placing the colony under the foundations of a house, or in the building fabric. This makes permanent control very difficult. Often problems return year after, and sometimes complete control is impossible.

Cost. Ants can normally be controlled with just one or two treatments, at £60 + vat per treatment.  However, there are occasions where multiple treatments are required. For advice please give us a call.

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Ants Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

Treating ants in commercial premises

In commercial kitchens, pubs, restaurants, bakeries etc., black ants are nuisance pests that keep returning to food sources, which they inevitably contaminate.

Gel baits have advanced recently and offer an excellent level of control that can be applied even when premises are in use. They are very safe and odourless. However, they do need a short time to take effect. Spray treatments can be carried out to give immediate control.

Treatment is also relatively cheap, often with only one or two visits needed each year.

Ants Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

Treating ants in the home

Ants are a nuisance pest in domestic kitchens. Often they live in the fabric of the building behind kitchen cupboards. This makes access to the nest difficult. Treatments using sprays and gel baits will reduce and often eliminate problems for long periods. Costs are relatively low, as most domestic ant problems can be dealt with in one visit.

Flying ants are queen and drones, that emerge to mate and form new colonies. Whilst they often cause distress they do not represent a danger. They do not bite or sting. Where they emerge inside a building they usually congregate on the windows trying to get outside.


Where possible open windows.
Vacuum the insects up rather than using chemical sprays.

Call for advice if necessary.