We have successfully controlled large infestations of these pests.  We can provide pest control solutions that include eradication, monitoring and pest prevention – in domestic and all commercial environments. Cockroaches are notorious pests of food premises. They can also reach huge numbers in non-food environments, such as laundries domestic premises, and multi-occupational dwellings. Cockroaches carry pathogenic bacteria, which can result in food poisoning incidents.

In Britain we have two main species, the German Cockroach and the Oriental Cockroach. These are widespread and common.The American cockroach and the Brown Banded cockroach are less common in the UK.

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Cockroaches Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

Cockroach Control

Despite their notoriety, cockroaches are relatively easy to control. Treatments are easy to apply, very discreet and customer friendly. There are two main methods of control, gel baits and spray treatments. Gel baits are so effective that we rarely resort to spray treatments.

The gel bait is a food source that contains a chemical poison. It is applied in tiny droplets around infested areas. The cockroaches find the bait, feed on it and die. It kills all active stages of development, ie the immature nymphs and adults.

Spray treatments can be used in conjunction with gel baits. Spray treatments are often used to isolate populations, or prevent movement from one area to another.


Cockroaches Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

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Premises that have had a cockroach problem are very susceptible to re-infestation. This is due to the movement of insects from food suppliers into the food premises. We can provide a year round pest control program to monitor for cockroaches, and treat the problem early if it re-occurs.