Flies in a restaurant can be a real nuisance as they fly around customers and land on tables. In a commercial kitchen they represent a real risk to human health. Transmission of bacteria from surfaces onto food stuffs, and direct contamination of food products is a serious concern.

However, there is no need to put up with flying insects in your business premises. Control of these insects is reasonably possible, but requires a complete understanding of the problem. Correct identification of the species is essential. A practical knowledge of control methods can identify solutions to this problem.

There are lots of options available that will reduce or eradicate nuisance flies. We offer a free site survey and are happy to discuss what will work for your business.

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Flies Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

Fly Killers - front of house

Where specific species of fly need to be targeted the type of machine fitted is important. Quite often we see cheap, low powered machines that are poorly sited.

This leads the owner to believe all fly killers are useless. However, there are a huge range of fly killers available, both electric grid and sticky board machines.

There are also modern pretty up-lighters that are suitable for use in front of house. We can offer advice on suitable machines, and supply and fit if required.

We can also carry out regular maintenance of fly killers, including catch tray analysis, trends and annual tube changes.

Flies Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

Fly Killers - kitchen and stores

There is a huge range of fly killers available.

It is important to choose the correct machine and get it fitted in the correct position. Sticky board machines and electric grid machines are suitable for a wide variety of situations.


Supply and Fitting Service

We can supply and fit all types of fly killers, fly screens and strip curtains. For advice and a quotation please call to arrange a visit.

Chainlink doors

Fly Screens

Flies Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk
Flies Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

Chain Link Screens are excellent for keeping flies out of buildings where the external door is often left open. The constantly moving chains prevent flies from approaching and gaining access into the room or building. 

Fly screens can be expensive. Sometimes there are several option available, and it is often worth seeking advice before making a decision. Once fitted though, they offer year round protection.