Moths (Stored Products)

Control of Stored Product Moths can be achieved using a combination of treatments techniques, hygiene measures and a monitoring program. Free site surveys and advice are available for commercial customers.

Stored Product Moths infest a wide variety of food products. These include flour, nuts, cocoa beans, dried fruit and many other dry goods.

Successful control depends on the correct identification. There are several species in Britain. The two most common pests are the Indian Meal Moth and the Warehouse / Flour Moth. A monitoring program gives valuable information on population levels. It also shows the extent of the infestation throughout a premises. Good hygiene measures are also essential. Other helpful measures include sensible stock control and temperature control.

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Moths (Stored Products) Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

chemical treatments

These can be effective as part of an integrated pest management approach ( IPM ) Insecticide treatments are used where possible, and include the use of residual spray treatments and ULV ( ultra low volume ) Fog applications.

Moths (Stored Products) Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

physical control

Physical control measures can also be used where applicable, and can involve temperature control of products and packaging. Freezing and heat treating goods offer a chemical free option for organic sites.

In order to offer advice and a quotation, a site survey will be required, carried out by our field biologist free of charge.