Rats and Mice – Commercial Premises

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Controlling rats and mice in commercial premises is relatively easy, and once under control we can make sure they are prevented from returning. Costs are usually much lower than expected. To control an isolated rodent problem in a commercial premises usually costs a total of  £120 + vat.

Obviously larger problems, or established populations of rats and mice will require more work. For these problems we offer a free survey, advice and quotation. 

The control of rats and mice inside or outside any commercial premises usually follows a standard procedure.

  • Initially an inspection would be carried out to ascertain the extent of the problem.
  • A risk assessment would be carried out to ensure safe treatments are carried out, particularly for children and pets.
  • Following this bait stations are often sited, but other forms of control can be used, such as traps.
  • Follow up visits are carried out until the pest problem has been completed successfully.


Service Contracts

  • Under a service contract permanent bait stations are sited, and baited as required. Regular visits 8 times per year are carried out to inspect the premises, and record the findings in the pest control folder.
  • Under contract call out visits for rodents are free.

During our visit we try to find points of entry. This is often much harder to find in practice though. Entry points into buildings are often hidden. In kitchens, the entry point is often related to the service pipes.  During construction holes in the building structure are made where the gas pipes, water pipe or waste pipes enter and exit the house. This can be through the floor or through the walls. Where this is evident we can help to remedy this problem.