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Most calls are dealt with the same day and appointments can be arranged for specific times if required. The treatment of wasps nests is relatively simple, and usually costs just £50 +vat.  Additional nests treated at the same time are half price or less, depending on the accessibility.

Payment is required in full at the start of treatment.

Weekend and evening visits can be arranged, often without additional cost.

Wasps and Hornets build nests in the late June, starting with a single queen, who rears her first broods over a few weeks. Once the numbers begin to climb, the workers take over her duties, such as nest building and hunting, and she concentrates on rearing young. Wasp nest numbers reach a peak of several thousand in late August, whereas Hornet numbers only reach two – three hundred.


Wasps Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

WasP Removal


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Same day Service normally available

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Wasps Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk


Treating a wasp nest is usually a straight forward operation. Wasps nests at height can add a degree of difficulty, but most can be accessed from steps or ladders. Occasionally access into a loft may be required, but 98 percent of wasp nests are treated from outside. Once a nest has been treated it normally takes two hours to calm down, and it should be completely quiet the next day. The nest itself will never be re-used again, and as a result it does not need to be removed.

Once the nest is treated it is important to stay away from the nest site, as the wasps will be confused and more likely to sting. 

Children and pets should be kept away from active wasp nests at all times. 

Wasps Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

Commercial Premises – inside and outside

Wasps can also be controlled outside in gardens, around picnic areas and other open spaces where nuisance wasps cause alarm. This involves the use of wasp traps.

When sited correctly wasp traps offer fantastic results. The key is to site them away from the vulnerable areas, and then  occasionally top them up with attractant for the required period.

DIY Wasp Traps

Wasp traps are relatively inexpensive and will reduce the problem of wasps buzzing around your food and drink, preventing you enjoying your garden.  

For more information give us a call. 

Wasps Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

Nuisance Wasps

Wasp traps work fantastically well when sited in open areas such as pub gardens, picnic areas, play areas etc. 

They offer a chemical free way to reduce a nuisance wasp problems caused by foraging wasps.

Costs are relatively inexpensive, and for commercial clients we can install the traps if required. 

For a purchase only option please give us a call. 

Wasps Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

Wasps around hedges and trees.

Wasps nests have a distinctive nest entry point where all the wasps fly into and out of an area, such as under a roof tile or in an air brick etc. Wasps will nest in bushes and hedges, but there is normally an obvious entry point or a visible nest.

Wasps that can be seen all over a bush, hedge or tree are more likely just visiting that vegetation to comb microscopic liquid particles from the leaf surface. Unfortunately not much can be done to prevent wasps from just visiting vegetation unless you can cover the bush with a fleece or alternatively remove the bush or tree.

Call out fees will apply if we come and visit just to inspect and advise on wasp activity.