Domestic Pest Control

Domestic Pest Control Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

 Over the last 31 years we have had extensive experience in supplying a full range of domestic pest control services.

We have dealt with a very wide variety of domestic pests, from the usual pet flea infestations to the slightly unusual tropical ant infestations.

Below is a list of pests that we are routinely asked to deal with, but there are many pests not listed.

If you already know what your pest is, click on the button for available treatments and advice. Alternatively, give us a call.      (  01603 260946 )

Terms and Conditions


We can identify your pests where required. This can usually be carried out as a single call out, with identification and advice given during the visit.

Where this results in subsequent treatment on the same visit, only a charge for the treatment would be made. Where no treatment is required or possible, a single call out fee applies, usually £40 to £50 +vat.

Alternatively you can send insect photos directly to Mob. 07974 127 565 or email to with a short message and we can identify the pest free of charge. Please make sure the insects are in focus, so the image can be enlarged.