Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are without doubt the most unpleasant insect to infest our homes. They mostly infest bedrooms and beds. Bed bugs tend to hide within the structure of the bed and emerge to bite and feed at night. 

What to look for: 

Often blood spotting can be seen on the bed frames, headboards and on the bed sheets. They tend to bite areas uncovered at night. Bites are often unpleasant, but some people get bitten but show no evidence of bites. Live adult bed bugs are quite large, about the size of a drawing pin. The eggs, and juveniles range in size from less than one millimetre through to the adult size. In severe infestations they can infest the whole room, and number into the hundreds. In severe infestations blood spotting will also be on the walls, skirting boards and around door frames.


Bed bugs are difficult to control and require a very professional approach. Spray treatment to the floor area, bed frames and wardrobes are required. This has to be very thorough and rarely can be achieved by D.I.Y measures. Sometimes mattresses or beds may have to be replaced. Often several treatments are required. Pets and children have to be out of the house during treatment, and two hours afterwards until completely dry.


The cost for this type of treatment depends on many factors, including the number of bedrooms infested and the extent of the population.However, most domestic problems can be carried out over three treatments at reasonable costs. Quotations can often be given over the phone.

We appreciate you may have lots of questions relating to this problem, so feel free to ask.