Beetles infest a wide variety of food products. Depending on the pest species they can infest raw materials or finished product. They also damage organic materials such as animal furs and museum objects.

There are approximately 370,000 species of known beetle worldwide and approximately 4,000 species reside in Britain. But only 30 or so of these are classed as pest species within general pest control. 

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Beetles Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

Treating Beetles in Commercial Premises

Most commercial (beetle) pests are referred to as stored product insects. Huge numbers can infest bakeries and dry goods stores. The 30 or so pest species are a fascinating group. Their common names usually give a clear indication of the types of product they infest. Hence the names: biscuit beetle, flour beetle, grain beetle and larder beetle to name a few.

Successful treatment requires an accurate identification first. Methods of control vary, depending on the insects in question. We can identify most species visually, just using a hand lens, and we are happy to offer advice on relevant treatments should they be necessary.

Beetles Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

Household Pests

Most beetles found in commercial situations can also be present in our homes. Treatment usually involves the correct identification of the insect. This normally indicates where the source of the problem is. Spray treatments are often used to control the pests, once the source has been removed.

Domestic on-site inspections can be arranged, but a call out charge is usually £40.00 +VAT where no treatment is subsequently carried out the same day.