Cat and dog fleas are one of the most common domestic pest problems we deal with.


It helps if your pets are treated for fleas around the same time as we treat the floors. Ideally this would be done a few days before or after our visit. Make sure you follow the recommendations on the product label. If you have previously treated your pets you must adhere to the re-treatment time guidelines.

Life Cycle

Fleas have a complicated life cycle, which sometimes makes eradication difficult. They spend most of their life cycle in the carpet, and only live on a pet for a relatively short breeding period. Once adult fleas finds your pet, they “bite” and take blood. They mate, and females then produce tiny eggs which fall from the pet onto the floor. They eggs hatch into a larvae. The larvae feeds on organic matter / debris in the carpet and in cracks and crevices throughout the house. Once they have developed enough, they pupate, and transform into the adult fleas that people recognise again. As your pet moves around the vibration attracts the fleas, and they jump until they land on the pet. At this point the life cycle begins again.

For treatment and costs see below.

Payment is required in full when booking the treatment. Appointments will normally be agreed within a two hour slot, but these remain provisional until the payment is confirmed. If you change your mind before we attend we will refund the payment in full. 

We appreciate you may have lots of questions relating to this problem, so feel free to ask. 

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Fleas Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

Control measures

Control measures are simple and require the spray treatment of all floor surfaces with a residual spray. This lasts for 4-6 weeks, during which time the problem is usually solved. Often a second treatment may be required.

Carpet areas are the easiest to spray and generally give good results. The fleas move around in the carpet fibres and are coated in the chemical. 

Hard flooring gives poorer results because fleas spend less time moving around on them, and the chemicals are removed by day to day use and cleaning routines.

Ideally all rooms of the house should be treated. 


Fleas Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk


Costs are relatively inexpensive, with the work taking approximately one hour for a standard 3 bedroom house. 

The cost to treat a standard 3 bed house is usually £95 plus vat. 

A second is often required and occasionally a third treatment is sometimes required. The cost remains the same per treatment. 

Small adjustments in the cost may be made to allow for the size of premises. Please call for a quotation if required. 

Payment is required in full when booking the  treatment.


Fleas Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk


Before we treat a house it is best to remove small items off the floor and vacuum the carpets. We will normally move large items as the treatment is carried out. 

We aim to treat 90% of the floor surface so the more floor space you make available the more likely the treatment will be a success.

Pets and children have to be out of the house during treatment and two hours afterwards until completely dry.

Try not to vacuum carpets and mop floors anymore than is necessary for the first couple of weeks. 


Questions Answered:

Why have I got fleas in the house ? Fleas in the house are normally linked to a resident cat or dog. You can inherit a problem if you move into a house where a cat or dog has lived previously. 

I have treated my pets, why do I still have fleas? Fleas have a complicated life cycle and spend most of their lifecycle away from the pet. It is very difficult to eradicate a flea problem by only treating your pets. 

How long do fleas live if there are no pets around ? Fleas can live many months ( 6 to 9 months ) without a cat or dog present. They can feed off humans, but they can not breed unless a pet is accessible. They are ” Host Specific ” requiring a cat or dog to breed. 

How long does it take for the treatment to work ? The initial treatment will begin to kill the fleas immediately, but some of the fleas will not move from their resting places for days or weeks at a time. The residual spray treatment will remain active and killing fleas for 4 weeks approximately. During this four week period the chemical will kill the fleas as they jump around the house. 

Will one spray treatment be enough ? It depends on how severe the infestation is, how tidy the house is and what type of flooring the house has. Often two treatments are required, spaced three or four weeks apart. Occasionally a third treatment is required. 

Carpets or Hard Flooring ? Houses with carpets are easier to treat and have better results than houses with hard flooring. The residual chemical lasts longer and is more evenly distributed on floors that have carpets. 

Is the treatment guaranteed ? We guarantee to do a thorough job, but there are too many factors out of our control to give 100% guarantees. We charge per treatment, so where a second treatment is required a second charge will apply. 

Can we live in the house after treatments ? Yes, and unfortunately this is essential. Once the chemical is dry, which usually takes two hours, it is important that the house is occupied. Fleas will only move if they detect movement in the house. If they sit still they will not come into contact with the chemical and will not be killed. 

Are non chemical treatments possible ? Yes and No. It is possible to hire the services of a cleaning contractor that uses a steam cleaner. This will help to reduce flea numbers, but normally a residual treatment is required after any cleaning processes are carried out. 

Will i have to replace the carpets ? No, residual spray treatments will work without the need to replace carpets. 

If you have any further questions please get in touch.