Flies hibernating in the loft can cause distress when they appear in the house during autumn and winter. Treatment is often simple and inexpensive. One treatment is normally sufficient. This may require re – treatment each year.

October to March – Hibernating Flies : Most flies seek refuge in lofts, barns and other cool spaces to survive through the winter. For some house owners this is the beginning of a fly problem, as hundreds, often thousands of flies choose their loft space as a winter refuge. As the house temperatures rise and fall throughout the day and night, the flies become active, then dormant again. During active periods they often fall into the rooms below, through loft hatches and light fittings.

Treatments to eradicate this problem are very simple. Usually a fog treatment is used to fill the loft space. This is very safe and leaves no residue. It is safe to re-enter a loft two hours after treatment. During the treatment the flies become very active, and the chemical fog kills them. Hibernating flies in the loft are best controlled in late autumn, once the cold weather is here for good, winter and early spring.

Costs are usually £95 plus vat per treatment, and normally only treatment is required.

Payment is required in full when booking the treatment. Appointments will normally be agreed within a two hour slot, but these remain provisional until the payment is confirmed. If you change your mind before we attend we will refund the payment in full. 

For problems during the Summer Months please give us a call.

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Flies Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

Open or vaulted ceilings

Large houses with open roof systems, sometimes referred to as a vaulted ceiling, can be more difficult to deal with. With no enclosed loft, access to the hibernating flies can be restricted. However, the fog can be safely placed in a closed room, and allowed to permeate through cracks and crevices in the ceiling.

Flies Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk


Treatments for hibernating flies in lofts can not be carried out where bats are present. A visual inspection is required prior to treatment, and where bats are seen no work will be carried out.

Where bats are found, a call out fee will be charged at £40 plus vat. This is to cover our time and travel costs. 

Questions Answered:

Will I have to leave the house during treatment? It depends where ( in the house ) the treatment takes place. Prior to the treatment we can discuss this over the phone and advise you accordingly. If you have to leave the house we will advise on the safe re-entry times. 

Will there be dead flies everywhere  ? Not normally, but possibly. Where the flies die depends on many factors, and how many there are depends on seasonal fluctuations. 

Do you clean away the dead flies ? Not normally. The flies can not be cleared away until the chemical has dispersed, which takes a couple of hours. If you want us to clean the property after the chemical has dispersed there would be a charge for this. 

How long does it take for the treatment to work ? The initial treatment will kill the flies almost immediately, and the job should be complete within the hour. 

Where did they come from, why have I got them ? Flies choose a location to hibernate based on its suitability. If your house fits the criteria, it is likely that the problem return each autumn. 

How can I prevent getting them in future ? In short you can not. Flies access the building through tiny gaps in the roof  / building structure.

Is the treatment guaranteed ? We guarantee to do a thorough job, but there are too many factors out of our control to give 100% guarantees. 

Vaulted Ceilings and / or no loft space. If there is no loft space the effectiveness of the treatment is likely to be reduced. The only way to find out how effective treatment will be is to try one application and observe the results. 

If it does not work will you re treat it for free? No. We charge based on labour and material costs. If you would like a second treatment we will be happy to do this, but the same charge applies to each treatment.