Mole Control

Mole control at domestic properties is straight forward but in fill from other moles can be a problem. When moles are caught and removed from a garden, moles from outside this territory will quickly try to capture this free site. This results in the problem returning, and results in more visits and more expense. 

Costs : It is easy to trap moles in domestic gardens but because 3 or 4 visits are required the cost mounts up. We charge £40 plus vat per visit, This can make the total cost in the region of £144 inc vat.

Costs for re-treatments are the same as above.

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Mole Control Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

Domestic Customers


Moles burrow to create a tunnel system, which it uses to find worms. The worms drop into the tunnel system and the moles travel around to collect and eat them. One mole usually creates several hundred yards of tunnel systems. Once they have eaten enough food they spend the rest of the day cleaning and excavating more tunnels. They are territorial and for most of the year defend their territories with great determination.

Alternatively you can learn how to trap the moles yourselves. We can visit your home and show you how to find the tunnels and set the traps. The traps kill the mole instantly and are safe for children and pets. Costs are usually £80+vat plus. Please call us to discuss your specific problem.

For larger gardens we can arrange a contract to provide regular visits if required.

Mole Control Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

commercial customers

We currently look after a wide variety of sites for mole control. These include sports grounds, recreation fields, school fields, caravan parks, and council open areas. Any commercial site can be covered.

In order to control moles we use traps. The traps are placed at ground level, within the tunnel system. The spring mechanism is safely contained underground. The traps are then covered with soil so that they are not visible from above. The spring traps we use offer little or no risk to the general public or pets.

Mole control can be carried out as a “one off treatment” or as a regular contract. Due to their need for territory, re-infestation or “in-fill” almost always occurs, but numbers can be reduced and controlled to an acceptable level.

COSTS: Call to arrange a free site survey and quotation.