The treatment of rats inside or outside a domestic premises is usually straight forward, and normally requires three visits. We have dealt with all types of infestations. These vary enormously, but the usual domestic problem is a single rat in the kitchen, loft or garden.

Costs are based on the expected number of visits required and in most cases a quotation can be given over the telephone. A standard price per visit is £54.00 including VAT, and based on three visits, a standard treatment costs a total of £162.00 inc vat. 

Occasionally more than three visits are required. Where this happens a visit cost of £54.00 will apply to each additional visit. 

As a general guide – Treatment includes three visits, initially to place bait. A follow up inspection normally takes place within 7 to 10 days. The final inspection is carried out after a further 10 days to make sure the problem is solved. The bait is removed at this point.

Payment is required in full when booking the treatment. Appointments will normally be agreed within a two hour slot, but these remain provisional until the payment is confirmed. If you change your mind before we attend we will refund the payment in full. 

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Rats Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

standard procedure

The control of rats inside or outside any premises usually follows a standard procedure.

  • Initially an inspection would be carried out to ascertain the extent of the problem.
  • A risk assessment would be carried out to ensure that the treatment methods are safe, particularly for children and pets.
  • Following this bait stations are often sited, but other forms of control can be used, such as traps.
  • Open bait trays are often placed in the loft.
  • Follow up visits are carried out until the pest problem has been completed successfully.
Please note : Very occasionally we encounter a rat that avoids the bait and takes a longer period to control. This is a well understood phenomenon and usually just requires a bit more patience. ( neophobia )
Rats Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

points of entry

Most customers want to know “where are they getting in.”  A reasonable question which is often very difficult to answer. 

During our visit we will look for obvious points of entry. However, in many cases this can not be easily located.

Entry points into building are often hidden. In kitchens, the entry point is often related to the service pipes. During construction, holes in the building structure are made where the gas pipes, water pipe or waste pipes enter and exit the house. Broken or damaged sewer pipes under the premises also allow rats access into the building structure. This can be through the floor or through the walls. 

Any Proofing / Repairs to exclude rats will be charged at additional cost, but this will only be carried out if required once the price has been agreed.

Questions Answered: 

How long will it take to get control ? – Answer  – usually two to three weeks

Most domestic rat infestations take three visits, which are normally spaced at 7-10 day intervals. Therefore most problems are solved within two to three weeks. It is often not possible to speed up this process.

Will I get them back ? – Answer – possibly

Rats are much more likely to re-infest a property once you have had a problem. There are many reasons for this, such as proofing issues, drain problems, building design etc.

Why can’t you just stop them getting in ? – Answer – because it is not usually that simple. 

Houses are not built to be rat proof, and all houses have many holes in the structure that can not be seen or easily found. Proofing a house to make it rat proof is possible, but could require extensive building work that is normally too expensive.

Where do they come from ? – Answer – often the sewer system.

Many rodent problems we deal with are caused by broken pipes in the underground sewer system. Finding the break in the pipes is often difficult and expensive.