Grey Squirrels cause the most damage to domestic premises when they enter the loft. They usually enter to make a drey (nest) where they intend to raise their young.

They normally breed twice a year, around January and August. This means they can be a nuisance for much of the year.

They are able to leap several metres from trees and climb vertical surfaces with ease. Their ever sharp teeth allows them to gnaw hard materials like plastic and wood. This usually makes keeping them out of a roof difficult. Once in a loft they often chew wires bare, and can cause serious damage to the roofing felt and even the wooden beams.

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Squirrels Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

control methods

Grey squirrels are normally easy to control using traps. We can use a variety of different methods, but the control process often involves setting traps close to where they arrive inside the loft. It is possible to control squirrels outside, but trapping inside the loft guarantees you catch the correct individuals. Sometimes it is necessary to remove four to six squirrels to break the cycle of re-infestation. 

Very occasionally we encounter an individual squirrel that is difficult to catch, in which case it takes determination and an unspecified time frame for success. Sometimes patience is required.

Control can be carried out as one off treatments but due to their territorial nature, re-infestation or “in-fill” can occur.

Squirrels Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

Proofing / roof repairs

Grey Squirrels find it relatively easy to gain access into roof spaces. They often enter at the gutter, but can also squeeze between ill fitting tiles on some older roofs. Sometimes repairing a roof to stop them entering is not practical or too expensive. We can not undertake repair work to prevent squirrels gaining entry, as this requires skills of a competent builder.


Costs are based on the number of visits required. A standard price per visit is £60 including VAT, and based on three or four visits, a standard treatment costs a total of £180 to £240 inc vat. The initial visit is to set the traps, follow up visits to check traps and remove squirrels and the final visit is required to remove the traps