Pest Control Colchester

PRofessional Pest Control Services in Colchester

For over 30 years APC Pest Control have been delivering effective pest control services to customers in East Anglia. 

We cover Domestic and Commercial premises and and have a wide range of customers.

Our experienced technicians deal with a wide range of pests, including; wasps, mice, rats, fleas, and bed bugs. 

Fast Response – Same Day / Next Day call out is often possible. 

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Wasp Treatment

Treating a wasp nest is usually a straight forward operation. Wasps nests at height can add a degree of difficulty, but most can be accessed from steps or ladders. Occasionally access into a loft may be required, but 98 percent of wasp nests are treated from outside. Once a nest has been treated it normally takes two hours to calm down, and it should be completely quiet the next day. The nest itself will never be re-used again, and as a result it does not need to be removed.

Costs are usually £50 + vat 

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cat / dog Fleas

Flea Control measures are simple and require the spray treatment of all floor surfaces with a residual spray. This lasts for 4-6 weeks, during which time the problem is usually solved. Often a second treatment may be required.

Costs are relatively inexpensive, with the work taking approximately one hour for a standard 3 bedroom house. 

The cost to treat a standard 3 bed house is usually £80 plus vat. 

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Bed bugs

Bed bugs are difficult to control and require a very professional approach. Spray treatment to the floor area, bed frames and wardrobes are often required. This has to be very thorough and rarely can be achieved by D.I.Y measures.

Most domestic problems can be controlled over three or four treatments at reasonable costs. 

A single treatment usually costs £80 plus vat, and visits are usually spaced at three week intervals.  Quotations can often be given over the phone. 

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Commercial Customers

We currently supply a wide range of commercial contracts to a huge variety of businesses. 

Service Contracts can be designed around the needs of each individual business. 

Free Site Surveys and Quotations are available, please contact us to arrange a visit.

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