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Our experienced pest controllers deal with a wide range of common pests, including; wasps, mice, rats, birds, and bed bugs. They can apply treatments quickly. It’s important if you see signs of pest to call us as soon as possible because, pests can transmit diseases, contaminate food and water supplies, cause damage to your property and sometimes leave you with nasty repair bills.

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Pest Control Norwich Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk


Treating a wasp nest is usually a straight forward operation. Wasps nests at height can add a degree of difficulty, but most can be accessed from steps or ladders. Occasionally access into a loft may be required, but 98 percent of wasp nests are treated from outside. Once a nest has been treated it normally takes two hours to calm down, and it should be completely quiet the next day. The nest itself will never be re-used again, and as a result it does not need to be removed.

Pest Control Norwich Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

Commercial Premises – inside and outside

Wasps can also be controlled outside in pub gardens, around picnic areas and other commercial premises where nuisance wasps cause alarm. This often involves the use of wasp traps. When sited professionally and maintained correctly wasp traps offer very good results.The key is to site them away from the vulnerable areas, and then maintain them weekly for the required period.

Inside commercial premises wasps can controlled using fly killers, as they are particularly attracted to the UV light they emit.

Pest Control Norwich Pest Control Norwich & Norfolk

Wasps around Hedges
and Bushes

Wasps nests have a distinctive nest entry point where all the wasps fly into and out of an area, such as under a roof tile or in an air brick etc.

Wasps that can be seen all over a bush, hedge or tree are more likely just visiting that vegetation to comb microscopic liquid particles from the leaf surface.

Unfortunately not much can be done to prevent wasps from just visiting vegetation unless you can cover the bush with a fleece or alternatively remove the bush or tree.

Wasps will nest in bushes and hedges, but there is normally an obvious entry point or a visible nest.

Call out fees will apply if we come and visit just to inspect and advise on wasp activity.