Grey Squirrels

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Grey Squirrels cause the most damage to domestic premises when they enter the loft. They usually enter to make a drey (nest) where they intend to raise their young.

They normally breed twice a year, around January and August. This means they can be a nuisance for much of the year.

They are able to leap several metres from trees and climb vertical surfaces with ease. Their ever sharp teeth allows them to gnaw hard materials like plastic and wood This usually makes keeping them out of a roof difficult. Once in a loft they often chew wires bare, and can cause serious damage.

Control Methods

Before trying to prevent them gaining access into a loft you are normally best to kill and remove the current individuals. Otherwise they will be  very determined to get back regardless of your efforts. Sometimes repairing a roof to stop them entering is not practical or too expensive.

They are however, easy to control using traps. In Norfolk, where poisoning grey squirrels is illegal, instant kill traps like the “Kania” make the job relatively straightforward. The control process involves setting traps close to where they arrive inside the loft. Sometimes it is necessary to remove four to six squirrels to break the cycle of re-infestation. Squirrel proofing the roof can then be carried out by a builder if required.

Control can be carried out as one off treatments but due to their territorial nature, re-infestation or “in-fill” can reoccur.

Treating Grey Squirrels inside Commercial premises is identical to the above. Large scale trapping outside is also very effective if required to protect a crop, such as walnuts or hazelnuts. A site visit can be arrange free of charge to look at commercial problems. 

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